It is our volunteers who make our work possible and, therefore, we are committed to train, empower and care for our volunteers.

Most of our volunteers are members of grieving families who have firsthand experience of losing a spouse, child, sibling, parents, etc. Their loss has opened their hearts to greater compassion and service, and the love and memories of their loved one has inspired them to “give back” by serving other families who are dealing with the very difficult experience of the death of a loved one.

Also, on the other hand, people who have experienced domestic violence, have developed a heart that is opened to understanding without judging the suffering, trauma and pain of the people who are facing or have faced this situation of abuse go through.

In order to help you decide if you want to volunteer with the AHeart of Hope Foundation, and if you want to apply as a volunteer, we will begin to get to know each other, and explore the best way you can get involved within our organization.

Are you interested in taking the initiative to be a part of or help the AHeart of Hope Foundation in any way?

Do you feel love for people and are sensitive to listen to them?

Do you want to organize a walk, or kindness project in your neighborhood or city?

Are you willing to accompany a grieving person in his/her pain for at least one night?

Can you bring food to a family that is suffering, for at least one day?

Are you interested in organizing events in local restaurants or businesses to sponsor the foundation?

Can you help raise funds or educate in your area?

Are you interested in a walk in honor of a loved one who has passed away?

Do you think you can help with local, state or federal legislation on domestic violence?

Do you want to be part of one of our committees?

Do you want to organize a group of coworkers to raise funds or donate to the AHeart of Hope Foundation?

Please share your ideas and interests! Contact the AHeart of Hope Foundation: