• Grief: Is a common and painful experience, it takes place after any kind of loss, although it is usually more intense after the death of a loved one. It is not a unique feeling, but rather a succession of feelings that require some time to overcome.

What we offer:

-To have an adequate physical location to provide support.

– Psychological support (individual sessions and group sessions).

– Sessions of relaxation.

– Children’s workshop to help them go through the process of grieving and / or family abuse

-Parenting classes to help children in different processes.

-Conferences, educational sessions on the topics of grief and abuse.

-Acts of kindness in memory of your loved one.

-Meetings to talk about abuse.

-Meetings to deal with death.

How do we want to die… This is an important conversation that is always avoided. We will bring together teachers, psychologists, engineers and other professionals to have an objective opinion regarding the end of life, and to create a stimulating and interactive adventure that transforms this seemingly difficult conversation into one of deep engagement, vision and empowerment.

 “Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.”

-Patti Smith

Do not give up, please do not give in, Even if the cold is burning you, Even if fear hurts, Even if the sun is hiding, And the wind is silent, There is still fire in your soul, There is still life in your dreams.

-Mario Benedetti